Friday, August 2, 2013

Should I spend the money and hire a MUA (makeup artist) for my Love Story Engagement Session as well as for my Wedding Photography?

Yes..Yes..Yes!  Did you ever notice that no matter how carefully applied, your makeup just never looks as good as it does when a professional MUA does it?  They use top of the line products for staying power, and they know how to properly apply it so that it doesn't look overdone, looks natural and looks great when photographed. 
We are asked quite often whether a bride should wear more makeup than she normally does for her wedding photographs.  We suggest wearing a little more than normal, however if not neatly applied, properly shading the areas that need shading, it can often look messy, especially if done by someone who doesn't usually wear makeup or a friend who is used to applying her own makeup and not that of someone else’s.
 Although we are quite skilled with Photoshop, cleaning up messy smeared eyes, toning down blush, etc. can be quite time consuming and may end up costing you more money in the end.

A suggestion is to schedule your makeup test run the day of your Lovestory Engagement Session.  Oftentimes it won’t cost as much as a normal makeup session since it is a test run, and you will then get to see how it photographs before your wedding day.  You’ll be able to decide whether you need a lighter or heavier application, how the colors photograph, and the staying power since you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors for the Lovestory Engagement Session. 

If you need any referrals, we've worked with some great MUA's....we'll be more than happy to suggest a few!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Your Flowers and Photographs- Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

l. When close up, detail photographs of your flower bouquet, with your rings shoes, jewelry, etc. are important to you, we suggest that you use fresh, live flowers for your bouquet instead of silk, etc.   If we attempt to take close-ups with silk flowers, the threads and weave of the silk flowers will show.  It’s also super important that your florist use the freshest flowers possible. 

2.  Another issue that is important is that your flowers be where they are needed.  A perfect time for creating some wonderful detail images of you and your girls are during the time when you and your girls are getting ready.  If you are getting ready at a hotel, your home, parents home or the church, its important having your flowers delivered to you where you will be, not to the church with the boutonnieres and the flowers for grandparents, etc.  Some florists won't want to do this, it makes two deliveries for them, but if you are firm, stand your ground, explain why and insist, they will do it, and maybe they won't charge extra for the extra delivery.  If you don’t ask, they will deliver them all to the church, and all of the images taken of you and the girls, will be without your flowers, after all....why not get full use of the bouquets when they are the absolute freshest.  Additionally, when the bride and girls don’t have your bouquets, it often looks 
awkward for placement of the hands, and without the color of the flowers, the images often will look a little bare, incomplete and even bland.

Boutonnieres and Corsages..For the groom, groomsmen, parents and grandparents, if they plan to finish getting ready at the church, it’s best to have them delivered to the church.  Often, the florist’s delivery person will pin the boutonnieres, but it’s always nice to have a special person assigned to do so.  Be sure to ask that whomever is going to pin them on to be sure to wait until we arrive at the church and to notify us first, so we can get shots of them being pinned on.  Even if you have the florist do it, it’s more personable and meaningful to have the grooms mother pin them on the groom, grooms father and grandparents at least, and have the groom pin his mothers or place it on her wrist, and for the bride to pin her fathers and mothers or place it on her mother’s wrist, and have the bride’s mother pin the maternal grandparents.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers Photography By O'Neil are Third time winners! yaa!

So excited!  We won the monthly Wedding Photo USA contest again!  This is the third time.  Two times in a row, this month and last, and the end of 2010! Megan and Jason were a great couple from Washington, DC.  Aren't they a gorgeous in love couple?   This shot was taken outside in the courtyard at Heinz Memorial Chapel where they had their ceremony.  After many different photos were taken all over Oakland, like the Cathedral of Learning, plus The Mt Washington Overlook, we went on to  The Priory for some great photo's, great food and a great time! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Advertising on The Knot - Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

Through all of our travels on the web, when time permits, we like to go to the sites that many brides go to, just to keep us updated on the newest trends, and offerings and ideas.  

After spending some time at The Knot website, we have decided to begin advertising with  them ourselves.  This is just such a great website, actually it's like a little community for brides.  Not only is there a multitude of listings for everything you could want or need for your wedding, whether it's cakes or a venue, but there is also so many awesome reads, help articles and suggestions, all to help  the bride in organizing a perfect wedding.  

I really suggest that all brides sign in with them (it only takes a minute and costs nothing) and take a look around.  I really believe that everyone can find something to take away with them.

Just a warning though, The Knot is like potato chips, you can't just eat one, you'll be going back again and again ;o)